PE and School Sport Funding

In 2017/2018, St Clare’s received £13625 as part of the Government’s PE and Sports Grant.

The following statement is from the DfE for the conditions of grant.

Purpose of the premium: ‘The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, in the 2017 to 2018 academic year, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.’

The purpose of this funding is to improve provision of sport and PE. 


Since receiving the grant, St Clare’s have:

  • We have now achieved the Gold Sports Mark after only receiving Bronze in previous years through a greater involvement in the School Sports Partnership
  • Resources are regularly checked and replenished so enough available to deliver high quality lessons
  • Sports coaches employed to deliver expert lessons and extra-curricular clubs including healthy hearts aimed at less-active
  • Wider range of clubs available within the school
  • High percentage of after school club attendance 
  • High percentage of previously inactive identified and now taking part in a weekly club through our Healthy Hearts Lunchtime club
  • Training and implementation of sports crews – sports ambassadors and play leaders are active, well trained and eager
  • Increase in being active at break and lunch due to play leaders and resources available 
  • Increase in tournament participation using money to help fund transport so can attend extra events including being able to take B teams to events too


2017/2018 Actual Spend

2018/2019 Planned Spend

  • Sports Coaches were employed for 2 lunchtime clubs (76 sessions in total) to include children who had not participated previously in a sport club or event. (£1520)
  • Sports coaches were hired to lead After School Clubs for Zumba and Football 2 days a week (£2400 for 60 sessions)
  • Sports Coaches hired to plan and deliver PE sessions across the school (£5320)
  • CSSP Membership Fee (£1200)
  • Local Sports Clusters membership fee (£100)
  • Swimming classes for 1 hour per week across Key Stage 2 including Life Guard, Pool hire and transport (£4975)
  • Sports kits for children and staff (£126.25)
  • Football Coaching staff (£160)
  • Skipping Workshop (£175)
  • Trophies and Sporting Event Stickers (£44.23)


  • Continue to hire Sports Coaches to deliver lunchtime and after school clubs, PE sessions across the school and to coach football
  • Membership for Chester SSP
  • Sports Equipment to enhance provision within PE sessions
  • Swimming lessons with transport for all Key Stage 2 classes
  • Staff members to be released for events




Our current Year 6 can…

% of Pupils

Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over the distance of at least 25m


Use a range of strokes effectively



Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations





Our plan to ensure this progress will be sustained.

  • Teachers have benefited from the CPD and working alongside Sports Coaches
  • Networks through the SSP have been developed
  • Continued use of external Sports Coaches
  • Teachers are more confident in running extra-curricular sports clubs and events
  • Sports are more high profile within the school with children delivering reports from events they have participated in with all success celebrated
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