Asia 2019 - 2020

Mr Martin

Welcome to Asia!

Class Teachers: Mr Martin, Miss Kelly on Thursday PM, Miss Whitley on Friday PM

Teaching Assistants: Miss Stockton (Vanessa)

If you are looking for a book, look here for ideas 


Our topic this term is 'Vikings'

Things we've covered in Week 1:

Topic - Viking Invaders & Settlers     Who were The Vikings?     Meet The Vikings!

Topic 2 - How Did Vikings Fight?     Settlements   Traders & Explorers     Routes

Week 2

Topic 3 - Secrets of Vikings   Traders & Explorers

Topic 4 - Saga   How Did The Vikings Fight?   10 Facts   Facts

Literacy - Humpty Dumpty

Week 3

Topic 5 - Longboat   Designing a Big Longboat   Instructions for a Longboat

Maths - Triangle Spotting   Angle Spotting      Types of Triangle

Week 4
Maths - Bloxorz

Week 5

Week 6 - Multi-Faith Week (Islam)

The 5 Pillars     The Shahadah      Prayer     Zakah     Ramadan     Hajj 

Mosques      Praying at a Mosque    Muslim Prayer     Going to a Mosque

Wudu    Wudu 2     Prayer Positions      

Mecca     Hajj     Ramadan

Qu'raan 1      2      3     4      5

Week 7

RE - Miracles of Jesus      Miracles of Jesus


Homework will be given out on Friday to be returned by Monday please. Each week the children will have homework on MyMaths. 

8.1.19 (due back 21.1.19) - Can you complete your Viking Mind Map. Remember to use colours and pictures to make it more memorable. As we learn new things in school, you could add more information to your mind map. You can add extra pieces of paper if you run out of space!

21.1.19 (due back 4.2.19) - Can you turn yourself into a Viking warrior who will be embarking on the pillage of Lindisfarne during Literacy on Monday. Think about clothing, weaponry, helmets, shields and transport. Happy making.

1.2.19 (due back 15.2.19) - Can you design a board game to show The Viking Invasion of Lindisfarne. It can be based on other games you know, but it needs to include problems that The Vikings and Monks may face. The aim is fro the monks to get away, but for The Vikings to raid and get the treasure. We will play them on the last Friday before half term.



Our P.E. day is Friday - taught by Mr Wright.

In P.E. this half term, we are learning about Netball.



In English this half term, we are learning The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.



We will be looking at the different properties of 2d and 3d shapes as well as the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.


Our first topic will be The Parts of The Mass.


Click here to see the children of St Clare's perform 'A Million Dreams' for the BBC Children in Need performance.


This week’s Rainbow Warriors in Asia are:

Emily L for wonderful progress in Maths and Lily S for a fantastic attitude towards her learning.

James F and Brendan B - both for superb writing. Well done boys!

James S for helping everyone with their glockenspiels and Kimia for fantastic writing.

Patrick M for phenomenal writing and Izabella for responding to constructive criticism positively.

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